A natural process

Our passion for the agricultural and horticultural world combined with our entrepreneurial spirit, led us to gamble on cultivating kiwi in the 90s.

Cultivation that today is a pivotal cornerstone for the agricultural industry in Verona, as well as for our company.

The production process at KIWI TRE CASTELLI is founded on our business philosophy and as a result is always as natural as possible.

Pruning, followed by tying the shoots, is carried out during the winter months and are critical steps in the kiwi production process.

By pruning, in fact, it is possible to choose the best branches for producing the kiwi in the coming season, while tying enables optimum distribution on the pergola of those same selected branches, so that direct sunlight is filtered through to the fruits.

Sunlight, the supply of organic matter and frequent watering during the fruit’s growth period will lead to the desired result: a kiwi of maximum organoleptic and qualitative value; rich in dry matter and therefore very easy to preserve.

No to herbicides!

Our categorical rejection of herbicides, thinning agents and any other chemical substance renders our plantations a natural environment, suitable for growing fruit that is free of substances that are toxic or at the very least unhealthy for the consumer.

The harvest, which usually takes place at the end of October, only starts when the fruit has reached the correct degree of ripeness, which we set between 7 and 8 degrees Brix.

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