After generations in the agricultural sector and the fresh fruit and vegetable business, today the
Righetti family positions itself as an intermediary between producers and consumers, ensuring authenticity and genuine wholesomeness of the fruit produced and marketed.

Our priority in fact is the cultivation of kiwi in the most natural way possible, adopting environmentally sustainable and friendly farming methods, leaving aside the chemical solutions now so widely used in the agricultural sector.

Our goal is to cultivate a healthy fruit, characterized by superior organoleptic qualities, and then distribute it to consumers with the certainty of providing an excellent, natural product.

This careful choice of quality also carries over into the selection of the fruit that comes from our neighbouring farms, which are also committed to meeting our production requirements in order to ensure a superior product.

Our Italian kiwi

Our Italian kiwi are produced in areas chosen for their suitability, using agricultural techniques that enable our production to increase continuously.

Our plants take between 3 and 8 years to yield fruit and need the mild, temperate climate that prevails on our land near Lake Garda in Verona.

Our plants are pruned regularly and have special supports to handle the large sizes that they can reach.

Our plantations

We grow our kiwi in the province of Verona where the ideal micro-climate suits the plant, especially around Lake Garda, where the temperatures are mild all year round.

The plant needs plenty of water for healthy growth and constant attention with pruning, pollination, fertilization, protection and harvest. Our expert staff implement all these phases in harmony with the environment and traditional cultivation methods.

To give just one example, pollination on our land occurs in a completely natural way.

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