Tradition, passion and respect for nature

Over three generations our family has chosen to say YES to nature and cultivate the land with passion and dedication, committing ourselves to making it ever more fertile and alive.

A commitment that season after season grants us a quality kiwi fruit.

The Righetti farm has 12 hectares of land, all growing kiwi, one area of which is cultivated using the certified organic production method (CEE2092/91) and another area using the traditional method.

The company has warehouses equipped with state-of-the-art refrigeration and packaging systems that enable a continuous chain from production and storage to various types of packaging depending on customer requirements.

Using organic production we can transform our respect and protection of nature, which are the core values ​​of our company, into a working reality.

We accomplish this by using only natural fertilizers on our land.

Our goal is to naturally cultivate a healthy fruit and then distribute it to consumers with the certainty of providing an excellent, natural product.

“The kiwi that we put on your table are the same ones that our children eat”

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