Kiwal expertise dates back to the early ’90s, when a group of entrepreneurs invested in growing kiwi in Macedo, which until then had only seen the cultivation of apples and peaches.

In 2012 Kiwi Tre Castelli becomes part of Kiwal de Macedo, immediately contributing the experience it had gained through years of kiwi cultivation in Italy. At this point the plant and production facilities were modernised, with the construction of a modern fruit-processing warehouse.

This was equipped with modern cold storage units to refrigerate and conserve the kiwi, with a cutting-edge weighing and packaging plant, guaranteeing the highest quality standards in the product selection process.

Our Argentinian kiwi

The result of our commitment is a kiwi fruit whose organoleptic qualities are without equal: its emerald green colour and unmistakable sweetness make this fruit unique.

This is thanks not only to the terrain and climate enjoyed by Macedo, but also to the dedication and meticulous care given to the entire production process, which we personally supervise at every stage.

From winter pruning, pollination and fertilization until the harvest, our staff and specialists dedicate the utmost professionalism to the plant’s development and growth of the fruit.

Our plantations

Located in the heart of the Argentinian pampas, the Kiwal de Macedo is immersed in a totally natural environment, where human presence has left the balance of nature unaltered.

In our plantations, in fact, our respect for nature is fundamental to our operation. All necessary work processes are carefully carried out to preserve the micro-climate and the ecosystem that we enjoy.

With this mentality we can offer an absolutely natural and genuine kiwi, which also in this area has no equal.

Where we are

Macedo is located 400 km south of Buenos Aires, and 100 km north of Mar del Plata, just a few kilometres from the Atlantic coast.

Thanks to its geographical position, Macedo enjoys a healthy climate that is particularly suitable for the cultivation of kiwi: the virtually ever-present breeze and year-round mild temperatures inhibit the formation of mold and mildew, meaning there is no need for us to use any chemical treatments.

The soil, rich in organic material with a well balanced composition, has little need of fertigation and fertilization treatments. The water, already present at a depth of 8 meters, is blessed with an optimum pH value and saline balance. All these elements make Macedo the ideal place for cultivating a natural, healthy kiwi.

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